Best Honeymoon Destinations in Uganda

Where To Go For Honeymoon in Uganda

Below are the top honeymoon destinations in Uganda as well as Rwanda for those interested in spending their honeymoon in the pearl of Africa. These are mostly high class, frill lodges since these facilities enhance more quality to a honeymoon vacation and they also complement the price of the whole safari

It’s also known that the great honey moon end points lodges will give more remembrances as you rejoice your relationship on any of the best dream safari destinations in Rwanda and Uganda. The honey moon tours are one of the areas that we focus on and have gained experience over many years. We also enhance new lodges that we can find and also leave the many lasting memories for you.

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The Wild waters Lodge on the source of Nile in Jinja

You will stay on a private Island in the heart of the whooshing river Nile in Wild waters Lodge. You will also live in one of the unbelievable romantic scenery in one of Uganda’s most superior lodge. The tented cottages here have got nothing to lack, these have private decks with nice food, nature walks on the Island, this is a place where you can relax and enjoy the tropical sun on one of the beautiful rivers in the world, the famous River Nile.

Mihingo Safari Lodge

This lodge is so favourite among the many honey mooners that visit Uganda. This is a fantastic lodge and each of its tented cottage is isolated from the other with great views starting from the bathrooms, you will have a most impressive view of the African Bush. You will find the horse riding tours as well as the swimming pool with a great view. The meals here are so improbable and you can also order your private bush dish by your cottage. The lodge will also care to those on the honey moon and many other dreamy, relational times that are spent here. The stuff will care for the couples in a special way. This lodge is one of Uganda’s best lodges and its visited by many people that come for honey moon.

The Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp in Bwindi

This is one of the perfect honey moon destinations that are inside Bwindi impenetrable National park. It’s also one of the rare honey moon destinations with an experience that cannot be faked anywhere else in the world. This camp is in Bwindi which harbours half of the mountain gorillas in the world.  It’s a location of gorilla trekking, good food and model service. The mountain gorillas come to this lodge and will make the adventure even more exciting. This lodge is one of the best honey moon location with in Uganda.

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge in Bwindi Forest

The lodge is located in the southern side of Bwindi impenetrable National park, it’s a luxurious lodge with great views of the Virunga volcanoes. The cottage is a real suite with a yard that overlooks the forest and the volcanoes in the far distance. This is one of the best gorilla lodges in Bwindi forest and far beyond. This is also a luxury loge with super comfort that you will not get from home. You will get a good experience while staying in Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge.

Chameleon Hill Lodge

Within the seas of uniformity, Chameleon Hill stances out as one type of lodge with in Uganda. This is an up market lodge which is also along Africa’s most spectacular lakes with the style that is surely not the norm, and your mind can go free here, and it’s a brand new lodge. It has got few trip advisor reviews but all of them show how great this lodge is. You can also explore Lake Mutanda found in Mgahinga Gorilla National park and in the southern part of Bwindi impenetrable Forest.

Bird Nest Resort in Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda

Bird nest resort is also along the shores of Lake Bunyonyi with over 29 Islands that you are to explore, a swimming pool to enjoy and swim with in the lake. This is also one of the fantastic places that are found in Uganda where you can chill out after enjoying gorilla trekking, and volcano climbing.

The resort is Belgians owned and this reflects a wonderful cuisine that gives the guests local crayfish in any form that you want. You can eat this crayfish on your honeymoon. This resort has also been so favourite with the honey moon clients in Uganda and has also got a reasonable price. This lodge is also one of the best Lodges in Uganda.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp in Queen Elizabeth National park

This camp is one of the many good lodges for honey mooners on any vacation in Uganda. It is a wilds camp with lots of comfort you can want. It’s simply a fantastic lodge along the Ntungwe River for you have fun and its perfect base in searching for the tree climbing lions of the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National park. You can enjoy lunch and the afternoon game drives in the river and view the elephants that come to bath. There are also romantic Bush dinner and breakfast as well as the afternoon sundowner that can be organised at a cost.

Mweya Safari Lodge

This lodge has got many rooms with variety of options like the tented cottage that will give you the decisive privacy to the honey mooners. There are also the private cottages that are near the tents with a good view of the Kazinga channel with lots of wildlife and birds. Many of those who come for honey moons at Mweya safari lodge in Queen Elizabeth National park.

Mweya safari Lodge will give you the bossom honey moon feeling by use of their individual options like the luxury tented cottages with the bath that is ensuite and has great views of the Kazinga channel. This lodge also makes it one of the best Uganda Honey moon lodges in Uganda.

The Equator Snow Lodge

This lodge is so unique and extra ordinary in Uganda. It’s located in the foot hills of mountain of the moon and you can enjoy the views of the mountain, have many hikes, enjoy a popping fire in your room and also learn how to fish using your hands. This lodge is off the path with four cottages and has got a unique experience for the honey mooners with in Uganda. It should be one of the highlights on your safari to Uganda.

Papaya Lake Lodge

This lodge is new within Kibale Forest Area with a union of Africa with the classical European style. This starts from the art of decorations from the African art that is used through out to the union of food. The lodge has got large and great cottages that are set apart from one another for enough privacy, a swimming pool from where you can view the mountain of the moon, the nearby area and the crater lakes. There are wonderful cuisines that have made it the best Honey moon destination in Uganda.

Kyaninga Lodge for luxury comfort

This lodge is so wonderful and stands overlooking the Crater Lake, swimming pool and the lawn tennis court. This is a nearby honey moon destination found near Kibale Forest and fort portal. It has got good views. It’s one of the lodge in Uganda with the best honey moon lodges, and it has become one of the best honey moon lodges in the pearl of Africa.

Chobe Safari Lodge

This lodge is found in Murchison Falls National park and it’s a luxury option. It cares for the needs of everyone in a unique manner. The honey mooners also like it here since this lodge is fantastic to spend days of your honey moon. There is the Nile River, nature walks, fishing, swimming pool, game drives and the nice meals that area served. This also includes variety selections at lunch and breakfast breaks. This is also a 5 star lodge that you will love during your honey moon.

Pineapple Bay Resort

This is found on Bulago Island and is an impeccable spot to enjoy your honey moon in Uganda on a true tropical Island in the sun. There is a honey moon cottage, nature walks, swimming pool and the dinners on the beach. There are also those nighty lighting storms in the far distances and Uganda is called the version of Zanzibar. You can also opt to sleep in a cottage along the beach that overlooks Lake Victoria, be able to watch the sun rise as well as the set. There are also palm trees, nature walks, fishing going on , swimming in the pool and also enjoy the pleasure seeking meals.