Mweya Hostel, Mweya Institute of Ecology Uganda

MWEYA INSTITUTE OF ECOLOGY: The Mweya institute of Ecology often referred to as the Mweya hostel offers low- mid range accommodation. It is located not very far from the Mweya Uganda Safari lodge. The hostel has both single and double rooms with communal bathroom facilities and a self contained & self catering guest house capable of accommodating 4-6 people. The Hostel also has a canteen and restaurant close to the visitor rooms where visitors can order for their meals.

Park entrance

Queen Elizabeth Uganda, Getting There and Access

QUEEN ELIZABETH PARK Getting There . Access Located in western Uganda, shared by districts of Kasese, Bundibugyo and Bushenyi, Queen Elizabeth park is 1978km2 in size. The park lies 5-6 hours from Kampala on a surfaced road via Mbarara, and can be reached on a dirt road from Bwindi. It includes parts of Lakes Edward and George which are linked by Kazinga channel and other attractions. Accessing the park from Kampala is either on tarmac through Mbarara (420 kames) or Fort Portal via Kasese (410kms). The park is 5-6 hours from Kampala on surface road via Mbarara. This Uganda safari park can also be reached via Ishasha sector,…