Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Safari

This enormous East African country is a great dream with its borders lying with Africa’s Highest and fifth highest mountains, which is the world’s largest undamaged volcanic caldera, there is also the most famous Tanzania safari national park as well as the largest game reserve and the three extensive lakes on the whole continent, and one of the second largest fresh water body in the world and is also the most second deepest.

Tanzania is also filled with variety of wildlife and here you will be able to view more than 1,000 bird species, the big five animals as well as the great annual migration of over 2 million zebras, wildebeests and the gazelles. Tanzania in the modern days has got brilliant tourist infrastructure and there is also a good safari trail which combines some of Africa’s finest game viewing with the old historical town and the wonderful beaches as well as the Islands of Zanzibar. There is the Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Zanzibar, these are some of the top destinations. It’s also important to go deep the remote areas of the wilderness so that you spend more time watching the wildlife more than the buses full of Tanzania safari tourists.

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The Facts

Swahili and English are the main languages and over 47.6 million people living below the poverty line. Tourism is also the fast growing industry with many investors that are moving in. Trade in industries also includes; cotton, coffee, cloves, cashew nuts, sisal, minerals, gold, and tobacco

The highlighted Destinations

  • The Serengeti Safari Tanzania

Within the heart of the Serengeti, you will find variety of wildlife including; the big five, birds as well as the annual great migration of over 2 million wildebeests as well as zebras through the Serengeti Mara Region. The Tanzania safari scenery is also outstanding just from the grassy plains dotted with the rocky granite Kopjes to the woodlands as well as the rivers. You will as well sub merge yourself into the fantastic wilderness and also get an open sense of space and the ring of life and this makes it one of the remaining great national parks in the world.

  • The Ngorongoro Tanzania Safari

This Ngorongoro is the astonishing conservation Area that structures a volcanic land scape which is fertile and rich with the most spectacular Ngorongoro Crater in the center. This whole area extends over 8,300 sq km through the crater highlands, in which the local tribes are allowed to uphold their traditional lifestyle with in their natural environment. This crater is one of Africa’s premium wildlife area and also vaunts variety of landscapes, people, wildlife as well as the archaeology that is unrivaled in Africa. This crater is certainly one of the world’s fantastic natural sights with its charmed setting and the variety of wildlife that never fails the tourists. This conservation Area edges the mighty serengeti National park to the north as well as the west direction. It’s also a few hours’ drive towards the east that also takes you to the town of Arusha which snuggles at the foot of the mighty Mount Meru with the best view of Mount Kilimanjaro. There are also two choices of safari in Tanzaniawildebeest migration safariin accommodation facilities when you are considering the Ngorongoro crater. One of them is to stay high in the crater rim with the best views into the caldera and you chose to stay below the crater in the Karatu Region.

  • Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Tanzania

The secretive mountain covered in the clouds and outdid with snow, this is the highest peak on the African continent. It’s also the tallest standing mountain and walkable with the few amount of hiking towards the summit. There are many trekking routes to the summit and some of these are more demanding than the others. In order to find out more, you can visit our page and find out more about Mount Kilimanjaro.

  • Mount Meru Tour Tanzania

This is mostly used as a deep up hike for those interested in defeat Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru is also worthy of a say since it’s a true magical mountain. In order to reach the summit of this mountain, you have to hike through the many vegetation zones before reaching the top at 4,566m high which has a beautiful view. This area has got variety of wildlife since Meru is just with Arusha National Park and your first day will be filled with viewing many wildlife species including; the giraffes, elephants, buffalos, antelopes, the warthogs, hyenas as well as leopards. This trek shouldn’t be under estimated with the altitude sickness which is a threat and the night scrambles than that on Kilimanjaro. You have to take your time on this mountain in order to enjoy its beauty. There is also one main route to Meru and there are two possible paths on the first day through the park. We therefore recommend either a three or a four day trek so that we arrange everything for you.

  • About Katavi National Park

This national Park is good for the travelers that want the best of Tanzania since it’s a remote free rarely visited desert. This is Tanzania’s third largest national park found in the remote south west as well as central regions with variety of flood plains as well as network of the delicate seasonal rivers where the animals assemble. There are many hippos that gather around the water pools in the dry season and its here that you will view many crocodiles as well as predators lining at the water holes that are dug in the mud in order to keep cool. The best time to visit this park is during the dry season of May to October and the main highlights here are the game drives, flying camping and the walks.

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  • The Mahale Mountains

These are located in western Tanzania and its home to Africa’s remaining wild chimpanzees. The Mahale as well as the Gombe offer an option of tracking through the forest to see the primates in their natural habitats. The primate population here is 900 and are habituated to the humans and here we thank the research project that was founded in the 1960s. The Mahale mountains has got a lot to offer from the forest Fauna and flora , chain of mountains , interaction with the local fishermen, Tanzania tour village visits as well as relaxation at the beach along Lake Tanganyika.

  • Zanzibar Island Tanzania Holidays

The Unguja is the main Island in Zanzibar and gives exceptional beaches, the rainforests

as well as the brashly colored coral reefs that are below the waters scattered with the traditional sailing boats and many activities including; cultural visits to the stone town, visiting the working spice farm, the minarets as well as the Arabian fortresses. The Nungwi beach is at the northern point of the Island with the white sand. This is also the liveliest area with the local village, bars and restaurants. Matemwe is also in the north with extensive fantastic beaches that are so popular due to their nearness to the Island as well as the coral of the Kiwengwe, Mnemba and the pongwe that offers the best and finest beaches as well as variety of properties. Snorkeling is mostly done in north and the south is good with beaches on the Island. The tidal range is huge along the east coast, and the low tide also creates an enormous beach.

  • The Smaller Island at Zanzibar

Zanzibar is also made up of many islands and it’s important to get away from the many crowds of the main Island and get to experience the smaller islands of Mafia, Pemba and Mnemba. These islands were once regions for the pirates and today these offer a good place for the travelers that escape from their crowded world.  The cuisine here is full of spices and the fresh fruits that are grown and the sea food. You will also find the Fundu lagoon that are accessible by boat and are set on the fantastic south west pemba Island as well as the Mnemba Island lodge which offers luxury services at its best.

  • The Zanzibar Stone Town

This town is Zanzibar’s old quarter and it’s filled with beautiful web narrow streets as well as the lanes that lead the visitors to the variety of the old houses, bazaars, shops, ornate. It was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. The stone town is also a mixture of cultures, languages as well as the architecture. The town has grown from a small fishing village along the peninsula of the Ungula’s west coast to the blooming town with the outstanding history. In the 150 AD the Asian, Arab as well as the Persian traders crossed the Indian Ocean to trade with the Bantu people and named Africa’s east coast as Zinj El Barr which meant the land of the black people that later became Zanzibar. There is also the cultural melting pot city which is the heart of action with the daily markets, and a busy port for you to explore. You can as well enjoy the sunset as the end comes to an end.

The Different highlighted Experiences

  • The Annual great Migration Safari in Tanzania

This is known as the endless journey, and a continuous search for water and food. In Tanzania, you can also see the mass birthing where many young ones are born in few weeks between late July and mid-march. From here, these move up through the serengeti ecosystem and then cross to the Mara River in to Kenya in September and also in Late July or August. In November, these herds also cross back over the mara River as they return to Tanzania looking for the grasses and a good position in the breeding grounds of Ndutu. Many of the tourists for Tanzania wildebeest safari love witnessing the annual migration so early in the morning from above and also taking up a hot air balloon with the bush champagne breakfast can be included before you get back to the camp.

  • The Kilimanjaro Hike Tanzania

The amazing 5,895m tall Kilimanjaro is also the highest mountain in Africa. Each year, over 50,000 people set off to reach the highest peak of Africa’s tallest walkable mountain. You also don’t need technical hiking skills or equipment’s, you just need to realize what awaits you especially the altitude. We also work with the best guides in order to ensure the safety and comfort along the way to the top of Africa. In case you need a lesser challenge and yet it’s rewarding, we also recommend mount Meru which is the second highest mountain in Tanzania at about 4566m with in Arusha National Park. You will start out in the wilderness with variety of wildlife as well as the summit with many views crossways to Mount Kilimanjaro. You have 7 to 9 days on the great Kilimanjaro as well as 3 to 4 days on Mount Meru.

This is also a paradise for birders since it boasts many resident bird population totaling to over 1388 species and many of which migrate from Europe and southern Africa. The main reason for being a birding destination is its topography as well as the climate that changes. You will be able to view many birds, large and small including; the marshal eagle, petite sun bird. Some of the birds are elusive and also shy like the shoebill and flamingos. Lake Manyara is also a paradise for the Flamingos at different times of the year depending on the algae levels. This is also a stunning sight to view the resident wildlife moving around.

  • The Horse riding safari

This is mainly limited to the private franchise in the northern Tanzania, the horse riding safaris are a fantastic way to experience closeness to the wildlife. Here the human trail is covered by the horses and there are no sounds and the animals seem so relaxed when you are on a horse back safari. The most famous areas for horse riding tours are in Manyara Ranch Conservancy as well as the Grumenti Reserve. The guides are well trained and the horses are of good quality in order to ensure both you and horse are safe. For the beach riding, you will visit one of the personal favorites with in the remote section of the coastline, Ras Kutani towards the south of Dar es Salam. You can also have a leisurely horse ride at the Manor, Ngorongoro region where the onsite sheds offer quality horses as well as the tack and you also don’t need to be highly experienced since the trained guides will help you throughout.

  • The walking safaris

Tanzania is also competing with Zambia and Zimbabwe who were one day the best with walking safaris. We have also got some exciting walking safaris with in Selous Game reserve and Ruaha where you will adventure a huge range of environment and the great wildlife. Within the northern safari trail of Tanzania, the national parks have opened in order to allow walking tours at an additional fee. The Arusha National park, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, the Ngorongoro Rim and some of the outlying concerns bordering serengeti that offers affordable holidays in Tanzania from half day to the multi day.

  • Snorkeling and Diving

Tanzania might not be the highest country for diving sites but it has got some good locations for the casual marine survey. Mnemba Island is also a small island with low wall dive down to over 18m. it has also got good garden reefs that provide an attractive day out with picnic beaches for the divers as well as the snorkelers. Mafia Island is also more rewarding and will also provide a good location for a few days of diving. You can dive here in the cave, wall and boulder as well as drift. It’s also so good for snorkelers since the best reefs are in the outer barrier. Pemba also offers larger fish shoals as well as pelagics that visit here.

  • The Dhow Sailing

We recommend this on either Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam, this will give you a sense of how people lived along the coast of Africa for many years. You will as well step on board to the wooden dhow vessel as well as meet the skilled captain and crew before going out to the open waters with the wind in the sails as well as a cold drink in your hands. You will cruise along as you watch the colors of the water and have a stopover for a snorkel as well as a picnic lunch in case you are on a full day cruise. The shorter cruises are also there with refreshments that are provided rather than snorkel kit and the good lunch.

The Main Highlighted accommodation

  • The Manyara Green Camp

This is also worthy visiting especially during the day and it’s a favorite facility for those wanting adventure, tented camping and wildlife with in Lake Manyara National Park. It’s situated on the banks of the Endabash River with in the southern part of Manyara. This tented camp also sits on the right side on the waterline that never dries out which means wildlife move to drink on daily basis. With only five tents, its mostly intimate and worth of every moment until dusk. You will also sit on the large pillows in the sand as you watch the elephant herds move to drink. The large buffalo herds as well as the lions come to the area at night and by day, the whole area is full of wildlife species.

  • The Serengeti Safari Camp

This is also one of the kind, mainly designed to give the guests an excellent safari adventure in a beautiful location for seeing the annual great wildebeest migration. You will be on the early pioneer with the tented canvas rooms that are made up, a writing desk, canvas chairs, the leather chairs as well as the ensuite bath rooms with nice showers. The small is small with only 6 tents and you will also expect personal service and the main area also becomes a place for socializing over a meal or taking drinks. There is also a dinning tent as well as a separate lounge, library as well as a bar tent.

  • The Selous Sand Rivers

This one was designed for the classic safari holidays as well as comfort and this property has only 8 open fronted rooms right that are close to the river’s edge. This also means that you will enjoy a perfect panoramic views from the bath room which is so spacious, the open sided bath room while those staying in one of the three hillside suites, at the plunge pool and the living area. The main area is also relaxed and the workers are so friendly and you will also enjoy a soft sofa with a favorite drink in hand to savor the safari holidays. The area is also explored in many ways one of the best is a game drive, a walk and a boat cruise. The main highlight here is the flying camping tour into the remote wilderness as well as sleeping under the stairs in the protection of your guide.

  • The Kuro Tarangire.

Just on the banks of the Tarangire River, this region is a whole harmony with the nature’s own tempo. This camp keeps moving on as it leaves foot prints behind. You will also expect true safari style with the comfortable beds, the flushing toilets as well as the ensuite bucket showers. The meals here are shared under the thatched open sided lounge as well as a dinning feature that is furnished with the hides and the canvas. The activities here start in the morning with a walk discovering the evidence of the wildlife in the evening. Later on you have a game drive as you tour Tarangire National park.

  • The Crater Lodge

This is also the grandeur and the uber and it’s a five star safari lodge located on the edge of the crater rim giving the best views of the volcanic floor. It’s a high price lodge since you can simply get lost in the soft sofas, the elegant winery style as well as the affected contrast of the European elegance and the Maasai Magic plus the experience and the friendly service and the great food.there are also different wings as well as the room categories which have huge bed rooms and the ensuite bath rooms and these are complete with the chandelier bath tubs. You are rarely here for the crater and we recommend 2 nights in order to have enough time to relax and enjoy the surrounds of this sensational lodge.

  • The Namiri Plains Camp

This is also an umber stylish camp facility that is located in the eastern corner of the Serengeti Park. It has got 6 classy tents giving an intimate and high class adventure. These tents offer a 360 degree view of wildlife that cross the nearby plains. The activities here are mainly are focused on game drive daily and you can experience picnic breakfast on the top of soit Le Motonyi Rock. The sun set is enjoyed with your drink in hand as you stand high on a kopje that overlooks the plains. This is also what defines a super luxury holiday.

  • The Mashakiri Palace

This is the seat of the Omani empire and it’s a great palace that was built over 200 years ago by the first sultan and has turned into a luxury and a boutique hotel. It has got over 18 rooms and feels huge and its service is so friendly. You will arrive to the floor ground with the high ceiling and the imposing architecture beautifully restored. You will check into the luxury room and each has different with the sea view and leaves the area floor leveled. Each room has a wing with thick, cool walls, carved doors, the rabian beds as well as the ensuite bathrooms. This sea view terrace also offers a very relaxing space to smell sun set and the Kusi bar that provides drinks and the tapas. There is always free tea on the daily basis in the lounge with the collection of savories and the pastries. There are also good meals that are served on the rooftop.

  • The Mnemba Island

This is truly an exceptional Island and perfect paradise gets over 20 guests at any time at a real given time in the ten beach side bandas that are overlooking the Mnemba Island. You can engage in snorkeling, swimming as well as kayaking plus massages on the beach. You can also expect a good luxury and the Island wonders from the moment you reach since this is a true grace. There is also a beautiful decoration that glides both the bandas and the main areas and also everything is done with simplicity and the eco- openness in the mind. The rooms here are expansive with the ensuite bath rooms, private verandahs and the stone showers. Its main area has the dinning and the lounge along the beach. There are also the boat sailing, Island walks, snorkeling and many more.

  • The Pongwe Beach Hotel

This is also a cheap paradise that will wait for you on Zanzibar Island. There are good white sandy beaches and the hammocks that is looped between the trees, the drinking water at the high tide, and the fantastic pool for the low tide as well as the beach type simple accommodation. The rooms have view suites with expansive bed rooms, ensuite bathrooms, the sun beds on the private terrace plus the private drop pool.  The beach front rooms are also the same but without the pool. The garden view rooms are the same but have got an ocean view and a 30 minutes’ walk to the beach. There is also a great bar and the restaurant with great sea food. The activities here include; mountain biking, Kayaking, diving, fishing tours as well as snorkeling tours.