Kazinga Channel

kazinga channel

The Kazinga channel is  a wide, 32-kilometre (20 mi) long natural channelconnecting the two Lakes; Lake Gorge (which is to the east) and Lake Edward (which is to the west). This channel is among the most important features in Queen Elizabeth National Park (which is the most well-liked game reserve in Uganda covering an entire land area […]

Lake Katwe, Explosion crater

lake katwe

Several extinct volcanoes of a specifically violent type called the ‘explosion craters’ are found within western Uganda. these Explosion craters are called so because during the long ago days these eruptions were extremely violent and instead of piling debris just about their vents similar to a number of other volcanoes, they discharged ash in addition […]

Mweya Peninsular

mweya peninsular

The Mweya Peninsula is located on the northern bank of the impressive Kazinga Channel at the convergence of the channel with Lake Edward. The area of the Mweya peninsular includes the Channel Track all the way down to Katunguru gate, then across to Kabatoro gate which has a chunky ground cover with dense vegetation dominated […]

Maramagambo Forest Safari in Uganda

maramagambo forest

The word “Maramagambo” was derived  from a traditional tale in which a team of young people got lost within the forest, and it actually took them a number of days to trace their path back to the local village from which these had come from. A kind of African-Hansel as well as Gretel Story; however […]

Lake George

lake george

Lake George is located in the western part of the East Africa’s Rift Valley. The lake is a small and shallow of approximately 250 sq km and a middling depth of just 2.4 meters. The lake is supplied by several inflows from the extensive mountain Rwenzori ranges as well as from the northeastern agricultural area. […]

Kyambura Gorge

chimpanzee kyambura

The stunning Kyambura (or Chambura) Gorge also called the “Valley of Apes” is located in the far eastern corner of the well- known Queen Elizabeth National Park in south western Uganda. Approximately 1 km across – at its broadest point and about 100 meters deep, this gorge is actually drained by River Kayambura. The landscape […]

Kasenyi Plains Uganda


Kasenyi is situated in Kasese District, within Rwenzururu sub-region in the Western part of Uganda. It is within Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is the most well visited national parks in Uganda. The location of these Kasenyi plains  is about  48 kilometers or 30 miles by road, just south-east of Kasese, which is the district head office, as well as […]

Ishasha Safaris

tree climbing lions uganda

The Ishasha sector is notably recognized for its resident Tree climbing lions that are an exceptional attraction and one among the highlights on all safaris taken within Queen Elizabeth National park. In the southern section of this park, the Lions are now and again spotted hanging on braches of huge fig trees whereas the Uganda […]