Lake Katwe, Explosion crater

Several extinct volcanoes of a specifically violent type called the ‘explosion craters’ are found within western Uganda. these Explosion craters are called so because during the long ago days these eruptions were extremely violent and instead of piling debris just about their vents similar to a number of other volcanoes, they discharged ash in addition to rock over a far as well as wide area. in the present day, they are majorly extinct craters although a few still release sulphurous smells. Basically There are 3 major concentrations; Katwe Explosion Craters found in Queen Elizabeth National Park, the close by Bunyaraguru Crater Field on the impressive Kichwamba escarpment as well as the beautiful Ndali-Kasenda Crater Field close to Kibale National Park. Among the Katwe Explosion Craters the enormous Kyemengo Crater is absolutely the most alluring.

lake katwe


The explosion craters are purely beautiful views, offer splendid hiking in areas near within Queen Elizabeth National Park in Western Uganda.

The crater lakes were actually formed somewhat recently in the light of long ago volcanic activity within Uganda which is about only 8 000 to 10 000 years back although they appear as peaceful, beautiful lakes at present. When these exploded they actually caused great damage at that time wrapping an area bigger than that Mount Vesuvius covered at Pompeii.  The Explosion Craters in Ugandan reduced Lake Edward to a poisonous mess.  Just as recent as 2000 – BC (when the Egyptian Pyramids in were being constructed), Fire as well as brimstone continued to erupted from the explosion craters


Unlike Volcanoes, Explosion Craters actually do not pile cones they merely blow ash as well as rock to distances far away.  In the present day these crater are filled with water to form very breath taking lakes a number of which today have certain smells of sulphur in their waters.  A number of them are actually having great spots for swimming, nature trails which can be enjoyed with frequent sights of monkeys, resident birds, as well as magnificent sights, and exceptional viewpoints.

As you stare below into any of the crater lakes in Uganda, which are bordered with grasslands, verdant forests as well as farms you will actually fail to notice that these lakes which will awe you because of their very picturesque sight were areas formed through very powerful explosions on the earth’s crust.

Katwe Crater Lakes found in Queen Elizabeth Park:

These are situated just north of the impressive Mweya Peninsula and actually are the highest elevation in this national park.  Enjoy the spectacular Crater Drive that runs on 27 km which present distant sights of the stunning crater lakes while on your way.  There is plenty of wildlife to see along the drive, although commonest are sights of Buffaloes plus Elephants. Watch out for Lake Kitagata a lake fed by salty hot-springs with no wildlife around but just more than beautiful can describe.  Along this drive you will be rewarded with sights of the great Western Rift Valley plus its escarpments, Lake George, the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, the Kazinga Channel plus Lake Edward.  You will also have the chance to visit the gorgeous Lake Katwe plus its long ago salt works.