Rwenzori Mountains Climbing

Rwenzori Mountain of the Moon Hiking – 11 Days Hiking Tour

Day 1:
On reach the international airport in Entebbe, you will be gladly received by a delegate from Uganda safaris who will drive you to your hotel. Dine and slumber at Namirembe Guest House, or Le petit Hotel or Cassia Lodge.

Day 2: Kampala- Rwenzori Mountain

Following breakfast depart for Rwenzori Mountains breaking at the Equator to take photographs and also have lunch. Dine and slumber at Margherita Hotel.

mount rwenzori


Day 3: Nyakalengija (1615m) – Nyabitaba Hut (2651m)

On having breakfast, begin the tour starting at Nyakalengija and hike to Nyabitaba Hut. This will last about 5 hours. You will go through the banana plantations along the steep slopes past the forest to arrive at the Nyabitab Hut where you will dine and slumber.

Day 4: Nyabitaba Hut – John Matte Hut (3505m)

This is the lengthiest hike running for about 7 hours from the Nyabitaba hut up to John Matte Hut. This trail will take you down through the verdant hills across river Bujuku on the Kurt Shafer Bridge which was constructed in 1989. The trail between the bridge and Nyamileju becomes steeper and rocky as you near the moorland zone. As you have lunch at Nyamilenju you will be able to see Mount Speke plus Mount Stanley. You will follow river Bujuku and proceed past the heather forest. Dine and sleep at John Matte Hut.

Day 5: John Matte Hut – Bujuku Hut (3962m

Basing on the 2 Bigo Bogshaven of giant lobelias, the track will go for about hours starting from John Matte Hut past Lake Bujuku with a splendid background of Mount Baker, Mt. Speke and Mt. Stanley. Dine and slumber at Bujuku Hut.

So as to reach Mount Speke it will require you to spend 2 nights because Bujuku Hut is the base of reaching there. But if you decide to trek to the highest peak the Margherita on Mount Stanley at 5109 meters and you will have to track past the Elena Hut at 4551 meters which is approximately 2 km. This expedition is recommended for those who are physically well and experienced hikers.

Day 6: Bujuku Hut – Kitandara Hut (4023m)

You will proceed with this trail from Bujuku Hut and proceed to Scoot Elliot Pass which is 4372 meters and descend into the Kitandara Lakes. Dine and slumber at Kitandara Hut which is adjacent to the 2nd lake.

Day 7: Kitandara Hut – Guy Yeoman Hut (3505m)

This 5 hours walk will begin from Kitandar Hut to Guy Yeoman Hut stretching from the bottom of Mount Baker to the verdant Field Pass which is at 4282 meters offering you a chance to view the Congo plus Mount Stanley to the north. This trail will lead down into the Bujongolo Cave which is 3720 meters. Dine and slumber at rock shelter or Guy Yeoman Hut.

Day 8/9: Guy Yeoman Hut – Nyakalengija

This 5 hour trail will proceed from the Guy Yeoman Hut down to the Nyabitaba Hut. You will then proceed to Nyakalengija as it is a three hours expedition. Dine and slumber at Nyabitaba Hut.

Day 10: Nyakalengija trail head – Kampala

You will descend the mountain and drive back to the capital Kampala. Dine and sleep at Namirembe Guest House, or Le petit Hotel, or Cassia Lodge.

Day 11 : Kampala – Entebbe

Drive to the airport to catch your return flight home.